Google Pixel 2 has an amazing camera

Google Pixel 2

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With the release of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google claims to have fitted their phone with the best camera yet, even better than the previous pixel generation.

DXOMARK has given the camera an unprecedented score of 98. A much higher score than the predecessor which got a score of 89.

  • HDR+ image processing

    HDR+ image processing takes multiple shots at the same time and then combines the best elements of each into a single image. The shots look great especially in low light and in the pixel 2, this technology has been perfected even more

  • FUZE video stabilization

    The camera uses both optical and digital stabilization for smoother video and sharper images in low light than the previous generation pixel. By the way, the iphone relies on just optical stabilization.

  • Portrait mode

    The pixel 2 camera supports portrait mode in both the front and back camera. The iphone supports portrait mode only in the back camera and requires dual cameras to achieve it. Google on the other hand uses machine learning and pulls it off with a single camera.

  • Google lens

    This is a feature that uses google assistant and machine learning to recognize images and text around you. This is quite similar to Bixby vision.

  • Augmented reality

    This is augmented reality with Googles AR core, similar to Apples AR kit which has floating hearts while Google brings you stranger things!

  • Unlimited storage

    Google offers free unlimited storage on google photos in full resolution with no quality loss until 2020 after which they will begin to apply compression to the files. Except, if you upgrade to the next Google pixel (3?), you should be able to extend that period to the next support cycle (2023?).

  • Same features on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

    Google does not set aside better features for the larger device.

Quick reaction, here’s what the web is saying

Google be making me wanna switch my entire ecosystem someone at Apple please stop me…

I switched from a 7 plus to a LGV20 and I’ve got to say, I miss the apple ecosystem so much. But the pixel 2 is making me want to give Android a second chance…

I have iPhone and MacBook and considering to buy the Apple Watch but now I’m confused on whether to switch to Pixel 2 or stay with Apple, love Android’s freedom, Android auto over apple CarPlay as I use Google maps most of the time…

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