HTC U11 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

A quick review of HTC U11 against the Samsung Galaxy S8

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I watched this review mainly because I was curious about the HTC U11 and how it stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is much easier to use the S8 as reference because I currently consider it to be one of the best smartphones of 2017. Not only in features and looks but also in price.

Now, before I start, I must mention that every review has to bring up the awkward position of the finger print censor on the Samsung Galaxy s8. This does not seem to bother me at all, so moving on.

Below are some of the few things that stand out for me in both phones in no particular order.

1. The screen

The samsung galaxy has great aesthetics mainly due to the edge to edge screen and the thin bezels. There’s just so much screen estate on this device while retaining a small form factor. This just isn’t there on the HTC U11. The thick chunky bezels and finger print censor in the front take up much of the screen.

2. Headphone jack

The HTC U11 does not have a headphone jack. Now for a phone that wastes so much screen estate, I find it silly for them to not have included this. It’s not just about charging your phone while listening to music on the headphone jack, but if you don’t have bluetooth in your car, it makes it almost impossible to use your phone as a navigator or listen to music and maintain good battery life to last you the whole day.

3. Squeeze

The HTC U11 has a new squeeze feature, which I’ve also seen copied on the Pixel 2 devices that launched recently. It’s simply great, especially when you need to activate the camera, take pics or record video. Way better than having to use the side buttons on the phone. Additionally if the phone is wet, interacting with the screen might be difficult and the squeeze feature is simply awesome. Galaxy S8 misses out on this one.

4. User Interface

HTC sense is just plain ugly and outdated IMHO. It does not matter if it’s performant, I just find this negligence on HTC’s part silly. They should have stuck with the default android, just like the Pixel phones at this point. Galaxy S8 on the other hand has polished TouchWiz to a point where I truly enjoy what I see. Eye wants it’s fair share too right? Plenty of this to be found on the Galaxy S8, beautiful software and aesthetics! ClapClap Samsung!

5. Audio

HTC U11 is the clear winner here with excellent audio and some really nice headphones out of the box. Samsung Galaxy S8 also includes some pretty nice headphones but the mono speakers don’t do it justice when compared to the HTC U11 boomsound speaker setup.

6. Camera

Both phones have comparable cameras, so it comes down to preference at this point but I’ll just lean more towards the camera on the Galaxy S8 being the better deal. Samsung has shined in this department for years now, so they have deserved my biased opinion so to speak.

While the video in this post ends up saying, it’s a close call between these two phones, I have to disagree. Samsung Galaxy S8 is the clear winner because of their innovative curvy edge to edge screen and thin bezels, the pressure sensitive capacitive home button in the front, which I absolutely love and simply a great device for media consumption.

Furthermore, while the Galaxy S8  is officially still pricey, it currently costs less than the HTC U11 in most online stores. So in the end, I too am going to conclude that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not only the nicer phone but also better bang for your buck!

Well played Samsung. ClapClap!

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