LG G6 still hot in November 2017

Qestion: Should you get the LG G6 in November 2017

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While looking at the LG G6 and deciding if I should get it or not, these were my main points of contention.

Snapdragon 821 chipset

Now, that is just sad in 2017. When all flagship phones that came out this year include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, LG went and included last years processor in this years smartphone. This means, it’s not future proof. LG, Samsung and all the other phones are laughing at you right now!

No headphones in the box

They used to include headphones in the past so not sure why these were dropped in the LG G6. If all flagship phones are including some really nice headphones in the box, then you are just being mean LG. I don’t like that!


This is a nice inclusion and not many phones have it, however only the Asian 64gb model includes Hi-Fi DAC, so if this is something you want in the phone, then it’s going to cost you more and you will need to look for that specific version. The standard version being sold in Europe and America does not have it sadly.

Dual camera

Now, I like what LG did on their phones, the second camera is to capture wide angle which is very useful and one of the main reasons to get this phone. It gives you GoPro like captures which is sweet. And recently the brand new Google Pixel 2 touted the fact that they managed to achieve portrait mode with single cameras, the next big thing apparently. I wonder what’s the point of that when you can easily do all these bokeh effects directly through instagram filters, so who cares right? Google, you can’t do wide angle like the LG G6 so shutup.

Display 5’7 inches

That’s a nice tall screen on this phone in a small factor, which is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy s8 and supports app scaling. This along with the dual camera and water resistance IP68 are some of the main features of this phone. The thin bezels and the screen to body ratio make this a great device for consuming media. ClapClap LG! You get the cake in this round.


This phone was pricey when it released, but now you can find it for as little as 379 Euro brand new. That’s a great price actually and justifies the Snapdragon 821 chipset and not getting headphones in the box. So yeah, despite some petty shortcomings, this is a great phone to get right now. Forget all the other phones, they don’t even come close when you consider the bang for your buck aspect which is really everything nowadays! Be smart.

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